Here are some answers to questions people ask me so frequently I decided to make a page about it:

Question: What camera apps do you use on your iPhone?

Answer: Tons. If I had to narrow it down to a top 3 it would be instagram, hipstamatic, and camera+


Question: What kind of camera do you have?

Answer: I have a Canon T2i with a kit lens. It has served me well as a beginning camera to learn with. My advice is to start with a cheaper camera if you’re new to photography. The “goodness” (and high price) of the camera will do you absolutely no good if you plan to rely on automatic settings instead of learning the fundamentals of photography. I shoot almost exclusively on manual and always manually focus.


Question: What kind of photo editing software do you use? Do you use actions?

Answer: I use Photoshop CS5 extended. I only use this for very, very minor tweaks to my photos, such as cropping. I have used actions in the past, but have grown to dislike them immensely. My goal is to know how to produce light, beautiful, true to color images in camera as much as possible. Knowing how to properly white balance, etc. will help you. I don’t like to rely on Photoshop for much.


Question: How do you watermark your photos?

Answer: Use the type tool and play with opacity until the watermark is as visible as you’d like it to be. Simplest and easiest way, I find.


Question: Where do you get your jewelry-making supplies?

Answer: Almost everything I use to create jewelry is vintage (from estate sales and antique stores). Some other supplies are purchased from a wholesale dealer and dealers around the globe. I do not generally buy anything from “big box” or “hobby” stores.


Question: How do I sell my items on Etsy?

Answer: Sign up for an Etsy account, list items for sale. 😀 There are several Etsy guides for sellers on their website that will be able to help you. I recommend finding your own personal style and sitting down to create a business plan before you list your first items. You will hear again and again from successful Etsy sellers that having a lucrative Etsy shop will take 80+ hours per week. This is absolutely true. Be sure your products are something you are passionate about and aren’t going to get burnt out on putting forth the time and effort it takes to sell. And good luck! If you get up and running and would like me to feature your shop on my blog, shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

Contact me with any other questions or to request a feature on my blog at:



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