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Inspiration Folder – blues funeral + victorian wallpaper + gray/coral + stripes/floral

2 Mar

I just have to share with you my excitement about the following things that have been inspiring me lately…ok, go!

UNO: This new album by Mark Lanegan BandBlues Funeral. Mark Lanegan used to have that band The Screaming Trees, also known as the first band I ever saw live (at age 13, opening for Soul Asylum and the Spin Doctors…so yeah, the 90s). It’s being compared to Leonard Cohen quite frequently, which I would take as a huge compliment if I were Mark Lanegan. Leonard Cohen is one of the most awesome people that ever lived. What I’m also crazy about is the album artwork. It’s an absolutely breathtaking and somewhat Victorian botanical display of absolute loveliness. On a black background, no less! Here is a view of that and a listen to arguably the most popular song on the album, “The Gravedigger’s Song,” which I find extremely sexy.


DOS: The gorgeous cover to Blues Funeral reminds me of how much I adore Butter London’s packaging (and products), such as this:

They also had some really sweet nail wraps that came out around Christmas last year, which were also pretty Victorian wallpaper-esque botanical prints on a black background. I can’t find a photograph to prove this, but I assure you they are adorable.


TRES: This photo I took today with Instagram (p.s. please follow me, I am @theboredalice). Why, yes! Those are my underwear. And a shell. Hehe! I love stripes and floral prints together. I do. I got these fine underpants at Target last year. I also enjoy grey and coral together, as evidenced in the last photo I plan to show you today, which is a bracelet I made yesterday and have named “sumatra.”


This is the bracelet. It is vintage gold chain, super fancy Czech glass, porcelain gear-shaped beads covered in 24k gold (hand-created in and imported directly from Greece), a fine piece of real coral, and a significant amount of love. It’s prettier in person, but you get the idea. I have not listed it for sale yet, but plan to this weekend since we are traveling/flying AGAIN on Monday. Oh, happy days full of happy things! Thanks for allowing me to share with you. I’m readin’ your comments and appreciatin’ your “likes”!


A. Noelle


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