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14 Feb



12 Feb

photos by me using instagram

photos by me using instagram

Every morning since we left Des Moines (Iowa) I curse the fact that I can’t go to Tartine for a cup of the perfect coffee and pain au chocolat! They only have one coffee because it’s the right coffee. The pain au chocolat was so good I had it two days in a row. If you’re in the Des Moines area, give Tartine a try. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a brunch with cocktails. It’s quite comfortable and very cute inside and kid-friendly without being too loud. My fiancee loved it, too and we took home a couple coffee mugs to remind us of our trip and the fun we had.

Seafoam green macarons…! Enough said.

Inspiration File – vintage, tribal, africa

21 Jan

A couple of my favorite belongings. An antique hanger from the Roosevelt Hotel that my mom gave me, and a necklace from/handmade in Africa. Inspiration for my current jewelry designs at Bored Alice Finery.

So many memories contained in this necklace…from my previous life as a medical case manager for people living with HIV/AIDS. Several clients I had the pleasure of working for were from various parts of Africa. What they taught me about their cultures, their lives, and the world itself, I will honestly never forget. I miss the work so much, but I know I’ll be able to help others and be helped by others in my future endeavors, too…and continue to learn about…well…love, actually.


Real Vintage

11 Jan

I am in love with all things vintage, as you may have noticed. What I love most are photos of regular people as they lead their lives, as opposed to vintage photos of actresses or models in magazines (though those are nice, too!) I would like to share some photos from my family of extraordinary (but not famous) people in vintage photos full of glamour and vintagey goodness. Oh, the stories contained in these…I will leave you to dream a little  🙂

This is my grandmother, Greta as she participates in the Apple Blossom Queen beauty pageant sometime in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. She tells me she pinned those flowers on her dress, they are real. Greta also tells me another girl won first prize in this contest because she winked and flirted with the judges…! Cute, cute, cute. This photograph was taken by my great-grandmother, Leta. Printed in the 1950’s on that adorable paper with the little scalloped edges they used to use. Lovely and a definite treasure!

This is my grandpa, Dean. He was in the US Air Force during the 1950’s and stationed here in Germany. Isn’t he handsome?

This is my grandfather’s handwriting on the back of the photo of him in his Air Force uniform. He sent this (and several other photos) to my grandmother, Greta via air mail from Germany. One thing I hold most dear in my life is the handwriting of those I love. That may sound strange to some, but if you are nostalgic like me, it will make perfect sense. My grandfather’s handwriting is instantly recognizable to me and brings about warm, happy memories. I love my family very much.

(photos watermarked, please do not use without permission)
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