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Fine, I’ll do it!

5 Mar

I have this strange desire to take photos of movies with my iPhone. There, I said it. And for over 2 years now I have had this annoying voice in my mind that keeps telling me I need to take photos of people talking on/using the telephone in movies. I watch a heck of a lot of movies, most of them pre-1970. I am also somewhat obsessed with telephones. I used to be a switchboard operator, in fact. What a fantastic job for someone who loves everything about telephones! My best friend, Christie and I used to spend all day at elementary school together, then immediately call one another on the telephone after school and seriously sit there and watch TV together. Over the phone. In almost complete silence. Yeah.

I think it’s time I start listening to my inner voices (more than I already do). Here’s what I have so far as far as iPhone photos of people in movies using telephones. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, though I’m not sure what that says about either of us. Ha!



These are both from the film, “State Fair.” If you’ve never seen it, you really ought to give it a try. And I’m not just saying that because I’m from Iowa and I get excited about the fair every year, even if I don’t want to go because it’s too hot and I hate crowds. The fair is magical and romantic and this movie captures both those aspects, and more. Besides, one of my super secret desires is to be an old woman who wears crazy hats and enters jams, pickles, and pies into contests at fairs. I want a blue ribbon!

Expect to see more photos of people using telephones in films soon. I may make a tumblr account just for this…weird…purpose. Have a great week everyone!

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