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a bit of irish – new at bored alice finery

1 Mar

I don’t normally talk about myself on this blog, as I like to keep things simple and upbeat (haha) and I don’t fancy myself so important that any of you want to know my personal day to day experiences. But! This story is too cute not to tell you, so I’m breaking my own rules today! And since St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, I feel it’s relevant. (Side note: when did St. Patrick’s Day become Mardi Gras II?? Cheap plastic beads and all!?!?)

When I was 14 I went to a bookstore and purchased a little cassette tape which accompanied a book called “Learn to Speak Irish.” I scoured this book and even bought an extra copy “just in case” (of floods, fires, acts of nature). I listened to the voices on the tape and repeated every word, the accent forming easily on my tongue, the cadence familiar somehow. I liked the way the words sounded and I liked learning a language that even the book admitted nobody really spoke anymore. I liked how the word for the number “four” sounded like “cat hair” (A ceathair /ah cah-hir/) 

I became somewhat obsessed with Irish culture and even purchased a shamrock plant every March when they’d spring up at the grocery store with their lush greenish-purple leaves and friendly little white flowers. I took these plants to college with me a couple years later. The funny part of this story is one day a friend who lived in my dorm brought her boyfriend in to meet me. It just so happened that he was visiting from Ireland. I became very excited and showed him my shamrock plants and spoke a few words of a near-dead language he probably didn’t understand and probably made a fool of myself. He was extremely gracious, though and a bit excited himself. He actually suddenly and surprisingly came at me, grabbed me up in his arms, kissed my cheek and said “thank god there is someone with culture at this school!” At that point the girl he had come to visit abruptly escorted him away from my room (as you can imagine). 

Anyway, that’s my little story about my obsession with Ireland. I have never visited there and have never met anyone else in person who is Irish. I would like to travel there someday and I think I will. Until then, I have created these pretty little pieces of jewelry for stylish vixens and lovers of Irish culture alike. 😀

As always, thank you for reading and all comments are appreciated! And slán abhaile to all you travelers. 


Dreams of New Orleans

23 Jan

New at Bored Alice Finery – The French Quarter Bracelet

Inspired by several trips to this fine city in the late 1990s and early 2000s. So many happy memories contained among these antique costume jewels. I had a great time planning this one and am very pleased with the finished creation! This may be my new favorite. I have a very active imagination, as you may have guessed and a total Southern Belle side to my personality. If I ever had a cotillion to attend, I’d definitely wear this bracelet. Alas, that will likely never happen! But this bracelet completely satisfies my inner Scarlet O’Hara. And it’s green! Just in time for all those pinchers on St. Patrick’s Day…

the new modern – now available from bored alice finery

19 Jan

Spring is so inspiring, isn’t it?! Here are a few new items from my Etsy shop, Bored Alice Finery. Each order comes packaged in a darling little box. Excellent gifts for pretty girls. Get 14% off every order from now until Valentine’s Day by entering the secret code: SWEET at checkout. This offer is only available to my blog readers and Facebook fans! Orders needed by 2/14 should be placed by 2/11 at the latest. FAST shipping and one flat rate to ANYWHERE in the world!


discover niniville

14 Jan

One goal I have for this blog is to support other artists and fellow members of Etsy. So today I’m sharing the love…and I fell in love with niniville at first sight! A hand-dipped key from the 1800s? Yes! Clockwise: top left necklace, top right necklace, lower left earrings, lower right key necklace.

for intergalactic royalty – new for 2012 + beyond

7 Jan


~>>fine adornments + little luxuries for stylish vixens<<~

<<>>The Past Making Love to the Future<<>>

Clockwise from top left:



►►LIGHT YEARS (again)


Be a French Girl, or Just Look Like One…

27 Dec

Charming items: locket by iloniti, twinkle toes mary janes from  bhldn, turquoise flats found on pinterest, star pin from anthropologie

Charming items: swimsuit by FablesbyBarrie, bracelet by tiedupmemories, vintage pill box from socaljewelbox, bonjour necklace by PianoBenchDesigns

Little Pretty Things

16 Dec





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